Spearhead Twiga Flex

Designed specifically for professional operators requiring the most power, performance and productivity, Spearhead's flagship Twiga Flex provides the most versatile and high output machine on the market.

Versatility is brought through a range of reaches between 5.8ma and 8.9m and a variable and rearward reach geometry given through a 70 centimetre offset slew pivot. In addition, the Flex has the ability to be front or rear mounted and even reverse driven thanks to Spearhead's 'Rotorflex' head rotation to utilise the diverse range of attachments which Spearhead can provide.

All of this combined and controlled through Spearhead's 85hp fully independent system and Propilot Electric Proportional Control System creates the ultimate in user comfort and visibility for the most demanding of working eventualities.

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Ακάδημου & Προέκταση Παπάγου τ.κ 56224 ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
τηλ. 2310 690 399
Διατηρούνται όλα τα δικαιώματα 2021
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