Spearhead Destroyer Flail HD - Δασικός Καταστροφέας με σφυριά Βαρέως Τύπου

The Destroyer Flail is designed to cut and pulverize heavy scrub and forestry regrowth up to 150mm. It is the perfect choice for maintenance of areas such as woodland rides, dense scrub and plantations.

This highly robust machine features heavy duty mulching teeth fitted on an electronically balanced rotor mounted on enclosed, self-aligning bearings. A heavy-duty driveline with 5 or 6 belts (model dependent), gives reliable power transmission in the most challenging conditions. Other key features are a hydraulic opening hood and an adjustable push frame which work together to ensure that material is channeled efficiently into the mulcher.

The Destroyer Flail is available in a choice of working widths between 1.4 and 2.0 metres and is ideal for forward and reverse drive.

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Ακάδημου & Προέκταση Παπάγου τ.κ 56224 ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
τηλ. 2310 690 399
Διατηρούνται όλα τα δικαιώματα 2021
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