Peruzzo Panther - 1.2μ εως 2,0 με περισυλλογη (μεσαιο)

The flail collection mower PERUZZO mod. PANTHER is suitable for rear application on tractors of medium power 40-50CV and with excellent cut and collection capacity up to 1800 liters.

The grass catcher discharge the product directly on ground.

This flail mower mod. PANTHER is aimed for greenkeepers and professional contractors whom perform cutting + verticut + collection in one pass and millimeter cutting and aeration height adjustments.

The mower PERUZZO mod. PANTHER drastically reduces maintenance times with high working autonomy due to large collectors.

The PERUZZO mod. PANTHER flail mowers are shredders adapted by Peruzzo to deal with high quality grass cuts with special accessories such as patented knives, high speed rotation knives, roller cleaning brushes, millimeter adjustments and internal openings for easy maintenance.

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Ακάδημου & Προέκταση Παπάγου τ.κ 56224 ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
τηλ. 2310 690 399
Διατηρούνται όλα τα δικαιώματα 2021
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