Peruzzo Koala - 1μ - 1.6μ με περισυλλογη

The flail mower PERUZZO mod. KOALA is a small machine to be fitted from 25HP compact tractors with low weight as 900 kg.

This flail mower use the patented flails for perfect grass cut performance with verticut operation.

Now the Koala model with its ground discharge collector system is an ideal compact mower for contractors, greenkeepers and end users for fast and professional maintenance.

Its powerful vacuum and verticut blades help the users in order to mow with perfect grass cutting, aeration, collection in a tide way and short time up to 2,5cm / 1" depth.

Koala mowers are used on sport fields and parks where verticut and collection operation is widely performed: great also in order to pass over soft grounds and consecutively rolled by their rear roller.

Koala mowers are also successfully used to cut grass and collect leaves on public parks and private properties, green waste, horse manure etc.

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